Combed top

Wahoo! I washed the fleece, I combed it and I DIZZED all by myself. Very pleased with myself, just need to do the rest…..

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Not so stupid

So I am vaguely aware of Murphy giving two single woofs one night. Not loud enough to get me up but the “shut up Murph” yelled at the top of his voice did wake me! I got up and let the hooligans out, they did number ones and two’s. I tol him he was a good boy for telling me he needed to go out.

Following morning at ‘it’s not quite time to get up yet’ Murphy gently climbed on the bed, snuggled up to me and vey quietly, woofed in my ear. Just once. Yes, I did get up and give him his breakfast 😍😍😍

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Ply day

I needed bobbins so plied everything I had spun.  The four small hanks were plied from a centre pull ball. Left overs from plying full bobbins. 

I decided I needed something a bit brighter so made some batts using the drum carder. I am not very good at spinning from batt, so I put them on the blending board and made rolags.  The colours are more blended than usual but these are spinning up a treat. Using the Louet s10c and am liking it. 

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Mostly Merino, rolags made on the blending board. 125gms 360 metres. Spun on the Kromski Fantasia.

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When I ordered it, I was told it would take weeks. It came in 6 days! I appear to have acquired two spinning wheels this week. Guilty face on. 

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One out, one in

On Sunday I said goodbye to the Lendrum spinning wheel that I had wanted so much. I hope that it is happy in its new home and gets lots of use.

On Monday morning an ad appeared on the Ravelry group, the Bliss was local and in great shape. I collected it on Tuesday. Hopefully, I will have some yarn to show in a couple of days. Finding the perfect wheel is as hard as finding the perfect sewing machine, which I never did.

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Hooligan gorgeousness

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Guess who is playing hide and seek

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No room for me

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Bath time

Today Murphy climbed into the bath tub with just a little encouragement. What a good boy he is (most of the time)

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