We had a little wander in the grounds of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the KAWA sculptures. They are HUGE, very tactile and gorgeous

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I stink

Nice sunny day, thought I would wash some more fleece. Put some really skanky Wensleydale in cold water to soak too. Went to change the water, slipped and chucked it all down myself. Yuck yuck yuck. I stink, my clothes stink. The hooligans are trying to drink the stinky water from the path.

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My first hand spun, hand woven

I didn’t spin the warp myself but I did spin the weft and I am doing a little happy dance.

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Weaving with my own hand spun yarn. 

Happiness isn’t difficult to find, I love my little loom.  I am excited to be weaving using my own hand spun yarn, with a few purchased addititions.

Warped , I had to do some counting to work out where to place my contrasting coloured warp, but I did eventually get it.

Waste yarn woven, ready to start.

Weaving in progress

Close up of the pattern.

I am really happy with the way my hand spun yarn is showing in the weaving. It was worth taking the time to mix the colours using the blending board, the rolags worked really well.

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The Wensleydale isn’t washed, it had an overnight soak in cold water to clean some of the gunk off it. It smells a bit better now! I did wash a few locks, and was very happy with the sheen. 

The fine white fleece is washed. This is about half of the fleece I bought.  I managed to not felt it – hurray. I can pull it into locks too.   It is lovely and clean and ready to comb.

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Dyeing silk

Silk doesn’t dye like cotton. I forgot that. 

In the past I have used silk paints, occasionally used procion dye, but yesterday I got out a handful of pre hemmed silk scarves and dyed then using acid dyes. I don’t consider all of these a success, although I do like a couple.  More practice needed me thinks

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The brooch is not even a little bit clever, I used a die and the Sizzix. Recycled denim backed with felt, who knew they would take so long to make. Hopefully someone will buy one

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It was Julie’s fault

A few months ago I bought a spinning wheel intending to use it to ply yarn (I already owned) so that I could weave using my tapestry loom. Because I had some tops left over from my felting days I thought I would try spinning them.

I loved spinning!

Then Julie and I went off on an adventure to WonderWoolWales and I made her promise to not let me buy raw fleece.  I didn’t. We filled the car with stuff but nothing that needed washing

 We joined the Souths Lincolnshire Spinning group and were introduced to carding and combing and other death inducing gadgets. And raw fleece. I still wasn’t tempted. All that scouring wasn’t for me.

But I heard about the British Wool Marketing Board. Who sell fleeces. And who have a depot less than an hour away!

I was only going for a look. But Julie wouldn’t come with me so I went on my own and it was temptation overload. The manager (also called Julie) is lovely and so were the graders. Friendly and helpful with plenty of advice, they listened to what I thought I wanted and took me to some amazing fleeces.  You would not believe how restrained I was. 

I had done a bit of reading and I kind of had an idea what I wanted.

Who could resist a Wensleydale/Teeswater?  There is only 3kg and it was on my list of wants. I imagine dyeing will be happening to this.

This is my ‘fine’ fleece. It is from a hog and is lovely. And very clean, with hardly any vegetable matter.

I spotted this gorgeous grey ‘mule’ fleece from way across the warehouse, it shouted “take me home”. It is clean and soft and has so little vegetable matter in it. I can’t believe my luck finding it. This is the one I will be washing first.

And this was my luxury, not on my list but it was so yummy I had to have it. It’s a Leicester, if I could remember whether it was BFL or Leicester long wool I would tell you. But I can’t. 

The hooligans have been allowed into the garage for a sniff, they appear to approve.

I had a lovely half an hour choosing. I rushed because I didn’t want to take too much of the graders time, and I knew that the longer I stayed, the more I would want. And it isn’t far away, I can go again.

This afternoon I popped out and bought five bottles of fairy liquid. I am ready :):):)

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I wove something

It is exciting – my first woven piece off the sample it loom.

I used four strands of fine cotton for the warp and various bits of Rowan yarn from my stash for the weft threads.  I learnt loads, quite a few how not to do things🙂 but I was surprised at how quickly my piece grew and I can see how this can become a bit addictive. It is also a great stash buster. 

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In my quest for a hobby which I can do without over using my thumbs, I listened to my friend Julie. Julie recommended weaving but I found my 24″ rigid heddle loom a bit daunting so I purchased a 10″ one to learn on. Here it is waxed and assembled (by me)

Of course my hand woven yarn isn’t strong enough to use as warp, and I clearly didn’t have anything suitable (!!!). I did fancy a bit of an outing so Jules and I went to Stamford to the Ewe wool shop. It held many delights. Sigh.

The alpaca may not be suitable for warp but it is so soft and lovely. I guess the cotton was the sensible thing in my bag.  

Although I have not been able to spin for more than 10-15 minutes at a time, I did manage to ply some singles already spun. 135 gms of the soft blue and 110 gms of the greeny blue.  

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