In my quest for a hobby which I can do without over using my thumbs, I listened to my friend Julie. Julie recommended weaving but I found my 24″ rigid heddle loom a bit daunting so I purchased a 10″ one to learn on. Here it is waxed and assembled (by me)

Of course my hand woven yarn isn’t strong enough to use as warp, and I clearly didn’t have anything suitable (!!!). I did fancy a bit of an outing so Jules and I went to Stamford to the Ewe wool shop. It held many delights. Sigh.

The alpaca may not be suitable for warp but it is so soft and lovely. I guess the cotton was the sensible thing in my bag.  

Although I have not been able to spin for more than 10-15 minutes at a time, I did manage to ply some singles already spun. 135 gms of the soft blue and 110 gms of the greeny blue.  

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Can’t spin, must sew

I hurt my thumb, can’t draft fibre so no spinning. When in doubt, sew something! The fabric for the blue pinafore was a recent purchase so I am proud that I used it before it got stashed. It is a bit ‘utility’ so needs the addition of fru-fru, maybe a big floral brooch. I got the back straps very wrong so took it to sit and stitch, we have many experts there and Jane pinned them in the proper place.

The bird fabric has been in the drawer for a year, I always intended to make a pinafore with it. I couldn’t match the side seams so the red trim was added to make a distraction. But I did get the birds the right way up – result!  This one is shorter and very practical. No fru-fru needed😉

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Total TDF spun yarn

From left to right- hand blended, hand blended, purchased braid BFL, hand blended, hand blended, purchased braid Corriedale, hand blended. Bottom white yarn is English 56’s Wool tops.

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Darley Dale and Cromford mill

our sit and stitch group had a rather nice day out, we went to Cromford Mill first, where we ate scones, drank tea and did a little shopping at QuiltEssential. Tina and I enjoyed the Mill  talk too.  we then drove to Darley Dale, where Heirs and Graces took more of our money. We are a sewing group after all. I left behind some must have fabric so a future trip will be organised, but I did buy this beautiful linen which should become cushions soon. Sorry the photo is upside down.

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Last sprint

This morning I made rolags. 4 full boards made 16 rolags. This afternoon I spun. This evening I plied. The colour of the Hank may be out as it was dark outside and I had to use artificial light. There are 7 or 8 colours in these

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Racing to the finish line

This was a challenge braid, and new to me fibre.

I have realised that I don’t like spinning these braids of hand painted fibre, not sure whether I like BFL.  

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I made some lush red rolags on the blending board. I love mixing tops this way, the incredible depth of colour makes me happy. These are approx 80gms of mostly Merino tops.

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TDF rolags spun


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Ply day

I ran out of bobbins so plyed the yarns I have spun during week one of TDF. I have 100gms of red, 80gms of the dark and two decent sized Hank’s of the blue. The paler blue Hank hasn’t been washed yet, the other three have. All hang nice and straight.

I am pleased that I spun as much as I did, I have two bobbins of natural wool still to ply. I learned how to ply from a centre pull ball, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. 

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TDF 4 + 5

Day fours spinning was one full bobbin of natural white English 56’s Wool top from World of Wool. Approx 50gms spun on my Kromski.

Bored with that, I made some rolags on my blending boards. Mostly Merino.

I haven’t started to spin those yet but on day five, I did get to make some progress on these beauties

This was spun on my new Lendrum. I had attempted to spin these rolags last week, but it is very fine and I lost my end, sigh! 

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