a Day of Dyeing

Four friends got together for a days dyeing.  We each brought ideas and skills and had a fantastic time.  Here are my results, clockwise

eight pots of dye, a warm blue to acid green, halving the quantity each time.  Tray dyeing with turquoise, lilac and magenta, parfait dyeing with coral, orange and scarlet, the next set was layed on plastic and dye was thrown over it.  This merged more than I had hoped but will make great background for printing.  The last pile was a parfait dye, lavender, turquoise and coral.


I wrapped the fabric around a piece of plastic chained, scrunched it up and poured coral dye over.  Not the marks I expected but it is interesting


Inexpensive calico was wrapped around a piece of nylon rope, then scrunched.  I poured brown rose dye over.  I wish this one was blue.. 


Wonderful day, wonderful company, wonderful lunch.  But goodness what a lot of rinsing





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3 Responses to a Day of Dyeing

  1. Looks like you had a great day……I’m very envious! I especially like those blues and greens.


  2. What fabulous fabrics as a result of a fabulous day!!


  3. Maggi says:

    Wonderful results. Love the blues and greens


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