fun day dyeing

Friends came round for a playday last week, I was so busy mixing dye and chatting and making lunch I didn’t have time to dye any fabric.  But I sneaked off for an hour yesterday to use up some of the leftover dye.  The hard part is walking away and leaving it to batch, but I did and only rinsed the pieces this afternoon.  Now washed, dried and ironed.  My dyeing is always a bit serendipitous and I didn’t quite get the yellow right.  sigh.  I have added a photo of my inspiration



1        2     3     4    5   6   7

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4 Responses to fun day dyeing

  1. yarngoddess says:

    Love these – especially the ones with a bit of blue and orange. Very much looks like your inspiration piece. And the green ones…omg 🙂


  2. Sue K. says:

    They are all lovely, but I especially love the first two. That bit of dark blue just makes it for me.


  3. It looks beautiful, all of it. Hope you’re bringing it Wednesday. 🙂


  4. Rachel says:

    Beautiful and i love your inspiration trees!


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