shabby chic

I gave myself a telling off today for not blogging enough. Too much ‘I bought this’ blah blah. It isn’t that I am not doing stuff, but I am not finishing things!! So I decided to post a work in progress

shabby scarf close up

The white fabric is solusheet dissolvable fabric, the grey is a silk sari ribbon hank. The plan is to free motion stitch with metallic thread to hold the strips together.

I have had some problems with my thumb joint and had a steroid injection a few weeks ago. Huge smile as it worked and I could move my thumb without wincing. However when I was free motion stitching on the scarf the pain came back. I was not happy. I have rested my hand for a few days and happily all is well again, but it is clear that I won’t be able to free motion embroider again without using a hoop. Lesson learned. It will take longer to hoop, stitch, re-hoop etc, but I will get the job done.

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4 Responses to shabby chic

  1. This will look cool, I am sure!


  2. Tina rose says:

    Belly interesting…..will we see it on Wednesday


  3. Bring it Wednesday please 🙂 Pretty flowery bits!


  4. wendycoyne says:

    I will wave it around


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