Disappearing act

I have been in a blue funk lately.  No idea why but when things can only get better, it got worse.  The wonderful business which employed me as a sewing tutor and which sold me my fabrics and thread, and provided a haven for me and my friends to meet, went out of business.  It closed.  Suddenly and without notice.  A large group of women of a certain age went into shock, then mourning.

We were down but not out.  Motivated to not lose the friendships and bond we had formed a quest was started to find somewhere so that we could continue to meet. Most places were so expensive we knew we couldn’t afford them.  The first place we tried was so cold it would be impossible to sew.   The next was impossible to find and we all got lost on the way but it was warm and comfy. And once found, we knew we could find it again (although it did entail me driving up and down several side streets until I found the right one). We like it.  Mostly we like being together.

New year, new beginnings, but old friends.  The best kind


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2 Responses to Disappearing act

  1. yarngoddess says:

    I’m so glad you have found a place for continued bonding and sharing. Hope everyone gets together often in the new year.


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