Collagraph printing

I remember getting excited about collagraph printing a couple of years ago, bought a mangle to enable me to make prints.  The mangle needed working on, himself didn’t get around to it, so a friend had her husband work on it for me but by the time it came back, all shiny and wonderful and ready to use, I had forgotten why I needed it!!

I have had a couple of weeks with nothing to do but rest, (and trawl the net), I found a thread all about letterpress printing using the Sizzix big shot die cutting machine.  And got a frisson.  I asked my amazingly talented printer friend which inks and paper  she would recommend and she countered with an offer of  not only the information but to let me borrow her small print press!!!

Lynda also recommended Kim’s collagraph book.  I ordered it yesterday and it came today.

collagraph book

I don’t usually write book reviews but added this one so that friends could read the review.  I won’t be letting this book out of my sight.  It is a book about using a print press on paper.  Kim gives a lot of information about what products to use, and why.  She explains how to make a plate, how to make your own inexpensive tools, how to make a print. This is in the first 30 pages. then she takes it up level, what to use to make texture, which paints and stuff to use to add colour. Then how to embellish the print. There are a couple of step by step projects, then a gallery that made me drool.  At the back a problem solving page is very useful.   Add in the glorious photography and it is a coffee table book too.     The big drawback, I may need two copies as mine is going to fall apart from all the use.

I have ordered the paper, and the ink.  The press is on its way.  I will be playing as soon as I get the go ahead from the surgeon.  In the meantime I am looking for stuff to make plates, I can do that 🙂  Watch this space.  I will post disasters as well as triumphs and of course, I will be aiming to put fabric through this process as well as paper.   It is a long time since I felt this excited about something.

Just needed to add, I bought the book with my own money, Kim doesn’t know I am writing this review.

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5 Responses to Collagraph printing

  1. Wow! This is really exciting. I love how everything fell into place and that you got the book so quickly! Woohoo


  2. Yeah! Mine is on the way..,…now all I need to do is find a plate. I’m thinking the big shot won’t satisfy me for long.


  3. I’m off to order one now!!!


  4. yarngoddess says:

    I ordered a copy too! Craziness about to ensue! We will all be printing alone together!


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