Feeling blue

Growing a tumour takes it out of you energy wise, having it removed takes even more.  Four weeks out and I am still tired and droopy, an infection hasn’t helped, but I was so bored too!!  In an act of extreme naughtiness I opened my birthday present from my lovely mother in law early.  I don’t know whether she would approve but it is too late.

letterpress kit      ink and paper

A letterpress kit, block of printing paper and ink.  I already had the die cutting machine needed (mine is a sizzix big shot).  I also used Bockingford Watercolour paper (300gsm)

I spent a day glueing stuff to mount board. The first is mostly texture gels, the second is tissue with porridge oats and a card circle. I varnished them with button polish, (a shellac based varnish)

plate one plate two

I patted them and admired them for a couple of days whilst I waited for the varnish to get super hard.

Today I soaked the paper for around 20 minutes, then blotted it on a soft towel, whilst this was soaking I inked up my plate.  I don’t have proper tools so I used a soft (cheap from the pound shop) toothbrush to push the ink into the texture.  I rubbed a little off the surface with a cloth.

To print, I put one layer of newsprint on the Perspex print base, then the inked print plate, the soaked and blotted paper, added two layers of polyester felt, closed the base and run it through the sizzix.

set one medium     set one tissue paper

The larger pic is the second print taken from the plate, I made three prints in all from one inking

set one plate after printing   This is the plate after printing.

set two medium        set two texture gels

again the larger picture is the second print from the plate

plate two after printing   and the plate after printing.

I thought the card circle would be too proud of the plate, but I love the halo I got 🙂  The textures on the gel plate are a little too similar.  But I was doing a little happy dance, it was a great learning experience and I can see myself doing more of these asap.

I think this would be called ‘collagraph printing’ but don’t shoot me if I am wrong.

p.s. the texture gels used on the texture plate (ie without the moon) were Pummace gel medium, Glass beads, black mica mortar, Fresco Flakes with pva glue, Garnet fine gel, (all Golden brand except the Fresco flakes which are from Stewart Gill)


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10 Responses to Feeling blue

  1. Sue K. says:

    This whole process is fascinating. I’m so glad you posted details!


  2. You’ve got some great results and the disc didn’t cause any problems either. I shall look forward to playing with mine. I love some of the textures you’ve got.


  3. Joan Asken says:

    Lovely, Wendy!


  4. yarngoddess says:

    Fabulous! Thanks for all the photos. Do you plan to clean the plates off? Really impressive. I like them. Inspires me to start something new!


  5. Wendy, these are beautiful and thanks for sharing all the details. Can’t wait to see what else you do with these tools. I ADORE the colors and textures of the plates themselves. I would absolutely frame them.


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