collagraph printing second go

fome lino woodcutting pressThis is the Fome manual lino/woodcut press.  A very nice friend loaned this to me to try.

I used the same print plates as in the last blog post.   The difference is the way I inked the plate and of course, it was press printed rather than sent through one with rollers.  I also used black ink this time.

I put a tiny dollop of ink onto a perspex plate and rolled it out using a speedball roller.  Then I rolled the ink onto the surface of the plate.  I layered the inked plate with lots of newspaper and two pieces of felt.  Slid it into the press and pulled the handle.

black white


black and white one

I can’t believe how easy it was :):):)  I only printed once from the plate, inking it again each time I took a print.  I clearly need to practice how much ink to put on, but I am really pleased at how the textures showed up.

white and black with moon

white and black with moon one

I was squeaking with excitement and jumping up and down when B came to see what was up.

I am going away for three weeks and I really can’t take my printing stuff with me but I will be thinking a lot about this.

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3 Responses to collagraph printing second go

  1. yarngoddess says:

    fabulous results! More, more please… 🙂


    • wendycoyne says:

      I am plodding along with this as with everything. I don’t think I should be pulling that lever, it is hard work! I need to get my head around the negative spaces too


  2. Julie Mackinder says:

    OOooh! Don’t they look good in black and white? I can’t get my head around why the printer has a long base plate and a short press plate but no doubt it’s obvious if I see it in action. I still havn’t opened my letterpress yet, way too busy with my quilt that I am beginning to hate!


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