Dyeing to show off

For a variety of reasons I haven’t taught a workshop for almost a year.  When a group of friends asked me for a dyeing day, I agreed with a little trepidation, worried I may be too tired or forget what I was supposed to be doing blah blah.

We dyed a light to dark set.  Then a gradiation from one colour to another.  By this stage they had run out of fabric, so I pulled out some of mine and showed a few techniques that put deliberate marks on the cloth.  Showing off a bit, I admit it!

hand dye class aug 2015 mine hand dye class aug 2015 mine flipped

I demonstrated how to make a landscape without trying too hard – is it a field with trees, mountains and sky?  Or is it a riverbank with trees?  Same piece, you decide.  I haven’t seen all the fabric washed and ironed so there are still a couple of surprises waiting for me but so far everyone seems to have enjoyed the dyeing and I may have set one or too back on the path to creating their own fabric. Me?  I got such a happy rush from teaching that I am now convinced I am ready to get back to work.   Happy days :):)

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6 Responses to Dyeing to show off

  1. Julie Mackinder says:

    I can see you had fun on Monday. I want to.play too! Trouble is I can’t fit it in till . October at least. Glad you had fun and got your mojo back. (My Kindle Fire just decided I wanted to write ‘got hormonal!’ rofl


  2. yarngoddess says:

    That’s exactly the right feeling to have after a good class. Do more!


  3. SO happy for you to be wanting to teach again!!! YAY


  4. Beautiful fabric too, you should be showing off!


  5. So pleased you’ve got your confidence back! Great fabric as well!!


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