Windblown flower quilt

windblown flower quilt

Tina taught this quilt at our once a month Monday sit and stitch group.  The block is so easy to make but putting it together was a bit challenging and there were a few naughty words said alongside plenty of unpicking.   I was left with a huge pile of triangles and, being from Yorkshire with our ‘waste not want not’ mentality, I decided to use them.  I pieced them together to make the border.  There were a few naughty words said and a little unpicking done that day too!

I made a pact with myself that I would not start anything new until I finished something (EEK!!!) and after spending a couple of days cleaning (I hovered under the bed for goodness sake), I bit the bullet and put the binding on and finished this quilt.  It measures around 40 inches square and B said he doesn’t like it.  In fact he pulled a funny face and said he didn’t like the colours.   sigh.    This is the fabric collected for my next masterpiece!!


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5 Responses to Windblown flower quilt

  1. Yummy colours for your next project and the windy flower quilt is very lovely. Worth all the stress and the hovering 😉


  2. duncanandmay says:

    May is really impressed, especially the colours. She wants to know if B is as colour blind as I supposedly am.


  3. yarngoddess says:

    B is not color blind, he just knows a little green would have given that quilt some color relief! Nice work, though… 🙂


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