My friend, Tina gave me a rather lovely moleskin journal for Christmas so this year I will try to journal at least a bit.  First job was to make a cover – I used recycled denim and scraps of old shirts/skirts etc.  This weeks finished project is ———

journal cover front   journal cover clasp    front cover with a copper dungaree clasp

journal cover inside  the inside of front with extra pocket

journal cover back    and the back.

I have been attempting to tidy up my attic space.  It was a huge mess with three or more years of dumped stuff piled in a heap.  I made some floor space which made it easier to find the bag of denim jeans waiting to be recycled.  Then I found a box of blue jeans, then a box labelled ‘black jeans’ and another with beige!!!  I gathered up all the blue and brought it down to civilisation.  The last week or so I have been cutting off the waistbands and the heavy seams and now have one nice neat box of denim fabric, with room in the top for a bag of tabs, pockets and small pieces.  And a sore hand.   And…I broke my favourite seam ripper – sigh.  The black and beige can wait for another day.  I also managed to reduce a bag of white shirts to a small box of buttons and some fabric pieces waiting to be dyed.  Sadly this doesn’t count as something finished as I still have loads more tidying to do.

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3 Responses to Journal

  1. yarngoddess says:

    Book cover is really super. I’ve made three runs to drop donations at Goodwill this month. Cleaned up kitchen cupboards and sorted out the spice cabinet. Found I didn’t need all the space and so I removed two shelves hanging on the cabinet door. Ah, feels more fēng shuǐ. Organized the spices by brand/jar type, neater looking but I’ll have to search hard for the right one. 🙂 Oh well. Could not part with the jar of Guacas we bought in Brazil in 1977. I don’t use it, but it’s a sentimental jar. I just finally found a common name for it “quickweed or galinsoga.”


  2. Julie Mackinder says:

    Owww for your poorly hand. I do like your book cover 🙂


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