New Weaving

when I saw the bargain on Ravelry, I couldn’t resist. C picked it up on Tuesday and E brought it with him on Wednesday. It comes in its own bag 🙂

I am so proud that I managed to warp it by myself – ok, E helped to wind the warp on. But it took ages.  I chose a dark denim cotton for the warp, this was purchased 16 years ago to knit E a sweater, sadly I never did get around to doing it.


However, when I sat back to congratulate myself, I noticed the colour of my hands! Sigh. I clearly bought proper Indigo dyed yarn. I know that this will leak all over my weft threads. why is nothing ever simple?

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4 Responses to New Weaving

  1. yarngoddess says:

    What a lovely job you’ve done warping it! Never mind the blue hands, it lends an air of authenticity. I’m am surprised that it didn’t “cure” in the 16 years it’s been sitting around. Onward! Have you found something to weave a header with in order to bring the warps closer together at the cloth beam? Let me know if you need suggestions. Julie may know some tricks, too.

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    • wendycoyne says:

      I am sure I can find some scrap yarn in my stash. I haven’t done it yet because I am thinking about which weft threads to use which will not look too bad with the indigo bleeding. I was going to use light grey Shetland, but need to do a little sample and wash it.


  2. Julie Mackinder says:

    You did a great job with the warp despite the blue hands. Remember, in Saori free form weaving there are no mistakes so colour bleed is part of the design. I don’t think I know any tricks Diane, I’m a beginner too 🙂 I have seen people use strips of cloth or even paper for the first few rows to bring the warps closer. I tend to use waste yarn for a few rows.

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  3. wendycoyne says:

    It took me ages to dig through bags to find that cone too. It isn’t that I don’t other stuff to use as warp. Sigh.


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