Rolag spinning

I made rolags using my Wingham Woolworks blending board and mixed wool tops with a little silk for texture and shine. I sort of put the same amount of fibre into four baskets, then put one basketful onto the board and pulled off my rolags. Each board had the same fibres but not necessarily in the same place on the board.

Then I gently drafted and mixed the rolags so that I didn’t get definate bands where the different groups were

Next, I drafted the fibres a little more

And spun using my Kronski Fantasia spinning wheel.

imageThere is a lot more fibre to spin before I can begin to ply, with luck that will sort out the over twisted parts and even out the lumpy bits.  If not, I will call it an art yarn, or keep it to show an early effort – I can only improve 🙂

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6 Responses to Rolag spinning

  1. oh you must have a great sense of satisfaction! it’s really interesting to see the process. I keep thinking how ironic that I was “into” yarn when I visited last, and now you are back into yarn and I am not visiting…probably a good thing because I could have been persuaded to get into spinning…and I don’t need another distraction!

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  2. The Rolags are beautiful and it’s making lovely yarn, art or otherwise. Julie

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  3. I havn’t a clue how WordPress thinks I’m layersofstitch. J

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  4. yarngoddess says:

    Lovely art yarn. You are really getting on with this!

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