WonderWoolWales part two


We were toasty warm on Saturday night. The first job was to bring in the shopping and screw the feet onto the heaters. Happily, for some inexplicable reason I had brought screwdrivers with me. The little Victoria’s came out of the boxes next and after a bit of panic when we struggled to push the footman connectors in place, we had a treadle. Julie had a spin with some fibre she had brought with her from home (!!!) whilst I practiced treading using a ball of yarn which I had put into my case to use as leaders. We did have an early night, and slept well with only one pair of socks each and I didn’t need my hat.

On Sunday we went back to John Arbon to buy more lush fibre. BUT it had all gone. Well not all of it but the colours had been sold and all the special bags of fluff had gone. The fabulous un-dyed fibres were beautiful but we didn’t buy those, our spinning isn’t up to soft lush fibre yet. And they do mail order.  We were a little bit more reserved with only one bag deposited at the crèche. However, we did take the time to look at the indie stands and were seduced by a couple of hand dyed bundles of fibre. One stall selling so soft angora yarn was also selling fingerless mittens, which were so beautiful that I didn’t dare ask the price. I walked past three times before Julie lost patience and went off to ask. What can I say, at that price, I bought two pairs. I can’t describe how soft these are.


By three o clock, I only had £3.27 left and we were tired, so we collected our one bag and left. As we walked out of the main door a gentleman offered to take us to the car park in the official mini bus and we gratefully accepted. Back at the caravan we drooled over our purchases before packing everything up ready to leave in the morning.

I woke early listening to lorry’s going past and by 6.30 was having a cup of tea. Julie popped bread in the toaster, at which point the electricity in the caravan went off. The heaters cooled. We dressed rapidly, packed the car and came home. Julie’s husband helped unpack the car, I distracted him whilst she smuggled the Victoria in. When I got home, B was out 🙂  he has since admired my new wheel and attempted to look interested when I showed him my stuff.

WonderWoolWales, you were wonderful and we are coming again next year.


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  1. Those gloves are beautiful. Yay for Julie for asking the price…

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