Spun, Span, Spinned?

Oh no, all my bobbins got full. I had to be brave and do some plying.  These were ‘Navaho’ or chain plied, not very well, but learning is something that has to be done. 

The humbug is BFL, one of the first fibres I spun. It will be lovely to look at in a years time to show how much I have improved! The cream is English 56’s, very over spun and extremely hard to chain ply. The two reds are from rolags that I made, at sit and stitch,  mostly Merino. So lovely to spin and easy to ply. Next is a bright test yarn, spun from lots of individual rolags made at the woolly day, a learning experience, this was my first chain plied yarn. The last yarn was also made from rolags meant to represent the North Sea. I liked the single ply but spoiled it when I added in two strands if a commercial thread.  It dulled it too much. 

I like spinning. 

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5 Responses to Spun, Span, Spinned?

  1. Julie Mackinder says:

    You’re getting very good at it too 🙂 You’ve obviously been putting in a lot of time and it’s paid off. It all looks great, even the ‘overspin’. I don’t think the last one looks spoiled at all.

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  2. Joan Asken says:

    We would never have guessed Wendy! Seriously though I think they all look absolutely lovely, you and Julie are very clever girls.

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  3. They are lovely. So glad you are having fun with it


  4. yarngoddess says:

    You have made great progress! Lovely skeins. These will be fun to weave with.


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