My birthday

I have some amazingly lovely and generous friends and family. Understatement of all time.

Who wouldn’t love to recieve these beauties on their birthday, there was a special balloon attached

My friend clearly knows me well, my favourite colours and a cathedral, modern and fresh (like me on a good day)

An original watercolour painting came from the USA from an artist friend who knew I especially like this one. A quirky mixed media brooch, again in my favourite colours. It is delightful and I will be putting it under a magnifying lamp ASAP.

I guessed what was in one parcel and was impressed at the wrapping but never in a million years imagined what was in the other.

A sleeping beauty spinning wheel. Wow.

I was given other great things too. More fab yellow flowers. Tickets to a show and a champagne glass with my new age on it. A special shuttle for my weaving loom, and some jewellery from himself 🙂 

I feel very privileged and lucky and happy.

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4 Responses to My birthday

  1. A bumper bundle for your special birthday and maybe more to come. Does the spinning wheel work or would you rather not prick your finger? Julie x

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    • wendycoyne says:

      It needs string to attach the wheel to the flyer, but I think it would spin fine. However as I seem to have three others, I may keep this as a smart antique, I couldn’t believe what I was given. I have had a fab couple of days 🙂


  2. yarngoddess says:

    All too perfect for words. A great bounty of treasures. I should think that will hold you for a year. LOL

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  3. Oh Wendy I an thrilled at what a fabulous birthday you had. All very well deserved of course! Big hugs.

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