Darley Dale and Cromford mill

our sit and stitch group had a rather nice day out, we went to Cromford Mill first, where we ate scones, drank tea and did a little shopping at QuiltEssential. Tina and I enjoyed the Mill  talk too.  we then drove to Darley Dale, where Heirs and Graces took more of our money. We are a sewing group after all. I left behind some must have fabric so a future trip will be organised, but I did buy this beautiful linen which should become cushions soon. Sorry the photo is upside down.

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5 Responses to Darley Dale and Cromford mill

  1. Julie Mackinder says:

    Ooooh! That fabric’s a bit special. Is that what you made up last week?


  2. yarngoddess says:

    So perfect! I love it and it will be beautiful as pillows. Have you seen this purse?
    On a larger scale, that bow would be cool in the writing over the flowers.


  3. Lindsay says:

    That is the one I want. A metre would be nice.


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