I wove something

It is exciting – my first woven piece off the sample it loom.

I used four strands of fine cotton for the warp and various bits of Rowan yarn from my stash for the weft threads.  I learnt loads, quite a few how not to do things 🙂 but I was surprised at how quickly my piece grew and I can see how this can become a bit addictive. It is also a great stash buster. 

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2 Responses to I wove something

  1. yarngoddess says:

    It’s quite lovely and I’m so glad you did some weaving… 🙂
    The 24″ was too scary? So you bought a smaller one? No you need to practice your stories. You bought the second one so you could have two projects going at once. There. That’s better. Now go warp both of them with your beautiful handspun.

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  2. wendycoyne says:

    Works for me! I had the injection into my thumb joint this evening, should be back spinning within a few dys


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