The Wensleydale isn’t washed, it had an overnight soak in cold water to clean some of the gunk off it. It smells a bit better now! I did wash a few locks, and was very happy with the sheen. 

The fine white fleece is washed. This is about half of the fleece I bought.  I managed to not felt it – hurray. I can pull it into locks too.   It is lovely and clean and ready to comb.

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4 Responses to Washing 

  1. yarngoddess says:

    Hooray, indeed! Did you use the spinner, too? I love the dryers. Hopefully, birdies will not fly in and make their homes in each space. Where did you find those? Pound shop?

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  2. wendycoyne says:

    I washed the fleece in net laundry bags then they went into the spinner. The hanging bags are toy hangers from IKEA, I wish I had bought more, I understand they are discontinued. They are now hanging in my garage, not so worried about birds but I will be on the look out for mice 🙂


  3. Beth-now Near Louisville KY! says:

    That is taking it from the ground up… so to speak!!! I’d much rather grow the sheep!!!

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