I stink

Nice sunny day, thought I would wash some more fleece. Put some really skanky Wensleydale in cold water to soak too. Went to change the water, slipped and chucked it all down myself. Yuck yuck yuck. I stink, my clothes stink. The hooligans are trying to drink the stinky water from the path.

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9 Responses to I stink

  1. Julie Mackinder says:

    Trying very hard not to laugh here 😦 Are the clothes in the bin?

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  2. yarngoddess says:

    Oh, gosh, did you hurt anything but your pride and sense of smell?

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  3. Sue K says:

    Nothing like naughty hooligans to add to the frustration.

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  4. Beth-now Near Louisville KY! says:

    Oooops…. I think maybe the slicker next time…. just in case???? and the rubbers????

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