Finished one hank, started another

Merino, 100gms, 260 metres, 2 ply. Fibres put through drum carder (x2)to make batts (2), didn’t like spinning from the batt, so put it on the blending board and pulled off 20 rolags. This spun up ok, but the colours are more blended together than I like.

This time I put the fibres through the drum carder just once, then put the batts onto the blending board. This was easy on my hand whilst retaining the colours nicely. This one is four colours of Shetland top.

Took hours though …

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6 Responses to Finished one hank, started another

  1. yarngoddess says:

    You’re not wearing out your hands are you? These are gorgeous and you are getting a lot done.

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  2. Julie Mackinder says:

    It all looks beautiful. You are spinning so evenly. I daren’t show you today’s spinning. I’m hoping plying will get rid of the kinks.

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