Gorgeous? Not quite

Kizzie Whizz had a sore ear. Red and swollen and definately in need of a vets visit. Anti inflamatories and ear drops came home with us. The vet warned us that she might be hungrier than usual! How on earth would we know – she is always hungry. Actually hungry enough to steal not quite empty food containers. Sigh. Worst thing is, we had to stop laughing long enough to put on the cross face and tell her off. 

I really did groom her yesterday, no evidence of that today though.

Not to be left out in the cuteness factor, here’s my boy. I groomed him too. Sigh.

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3 Responses to Gorgeous? Not quite

  1. Julie Mackinder says:

    Both cuties. Is Kizzie better?

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  2. Love them! Want to snuggle up with them. Glad she is better.


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