I love wool

So, the knitting machine was under the bed for fifteen years. A couple of months ago I got it out, cleaned and oiled it. A few weeks ago I checked and sorted my hoard of yarn. On Saturday I had a little play to see if I could still knit, and the information I thought long gone popped back into my brain.

On Sunday I re-learned how to unpick! But yesterday I finished and washed my scarf, today I blocked it. I could do better but I am happy. It may need another press.

Lambswool/Angora/nylon, one strand, knit at T5. 800 knit rows, 2400 passes of the carriages. Light and fluffy.

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2 Responses to I love wool

  1. Beth-now Near Louisville KY! says:

    isn’t wonderful, when we discover that we don’t have to relearn everything!!! The scarf is lovely, We might actually see cool weather here this weekend…. So far a light sweater is all we are needing (it is not supposed to be like that here).

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  2. Carmen says:



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