Goodbye to Bliss

I am back to having three spinning wheels, the beautiful Bliss went to a new home. Not because I didn’t like it, l loved it, but..I ran out of space and had to keep moving it to reach stuff. It wouldn’t be long before I fell over it so made a wise decision. 

So I have my Fantasia, fab for plying. Little Victoria for taking out and about and the Louet s10c for everyday spinning. Perfect set up.

Hello to my Christmas present, an Ashford 4 shaft table loom, bought used but the bonus was that I didn’t have to build it. I am watching videos and reading books so hopefully by Christmas, I will be brave enough to warp it. 

Happy days

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2 Responses to Goodbye to Bliss

  1. Sue K. says:

    Wow! I’m so impressed with the way you’ve gone full throttle into this new endeavor!

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  2. How exciting!! I love your enthusiasm and want to be there in person to see and touch it all!

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