Cold and other symptoms

I have a horrible cold, coughing and sore throats and being brave and all but, I hate colds. After a day or so, I realised that Kizzie wasn’t snuggling, rather she was laying on the floor close by.  Last week I thought she had over indulged and had belly ache but today she wasn’t interested in her walk, then threw up, cried out a couple of times. Off to the vet we go.

Pancreatitis was mentioned. Blood tests show nothing wrong, thank goodness. Slight raised temperature, slight dehydration, possible pulled muscle? She has pain killers and anti inflamatories, if she gets any worse, it will be x-rays and scans. We will see her vet in a weeks time.

We came home, she ate her dinner and curled up in her bed all evening (rare occurrence). She did manage to drink a mug of bottled mineral water!

Right now – she is laying on the bed chomping on a chew stick. 

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3 Responses to Cold and other symptoms

  1. catek2652 says:

    Hope you and your fur baby feel better soon.

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  2. Julie Mackinder says:

    I’m glad Kizzie’s ok. I hope that’s continued today and I hope you’re improving too. x

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  3. Get well wishes to both of you!!! When we have an animal that is not feeling well and not drinking enough, we give the baby water (here called Pedialyte). Hydrates better.


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