Tears and fears

Catastrophic injury to the cruciate ligament.

This dog will either bankrupt me or break my heart.

We were only 50 feet from home, I let Kizzie off her lead so she could play with a puppy on the green area outside our home. Kizzie ran after a ball, cried out, somersaulted and it was immediately obvious it was bad. She couldn’t put one paw to the ground. We were at the vets in minutes and he knew immediately what she had done.

Kizzie had an injection and will take anti inflamatories, on Wednesday she will be examined under anaesthetic to confirm. Then we will be referred to a specialist surgeon for the operation. It will be difficult, she is a big dog and I want to try to prevent arthritis.

Our vet was amazing. He discussed the cost, and said he wouldn’t waste our money on X-rays or scans, we will need it for the specialists bills.

The next three months will be a trial. Murphy has realised she can’t chase him, this morning he stole blankie and ran off with it upstairs. Sigh.


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