Post op

We took Kizzie to Cambridge today for her six week post op check up. She is doing ok but not healing as well as she should be 😦

We can organise hydrotherapy and she can have longer walks, but is 100% banned from climbing onto furniture or going upstairs, so gets to stay in her crate for a few more weeks 😦

We go back in six weeks for more x rays. I will have everything crossed that she has better results then.

Kizzie has been a star throughout, accepting her limitations with such good grace. She is also enjoying her fresh fish suppers 🙂

Murphy is a superstar too. Anyone would think there is an invisible gate on the stairs, he refuses to come upstairs, clearly preferring to stay with Kiz. He still barges past her at the door though!

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4 Responses to Post op

  1. Sue K. says:

    Darn! I’m glad she’s such a compliant patient, but I know this is wearing on all of you.

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  2. wendycoyne says:

    She should have grown none over the grafts, but hasn’t. I will take all the help going for my girl


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