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I love Kizzie

I was sitting, reading my book, when Kizzie wandered over and did that thing. She reached and pressed her head onto my chest. A big hug. A melt in the heart moment. I leaned towards her to nuzzle and inhaled … Continue reading

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And so to bed

The hooligans now have the whole of the downstairs of the house to roam in at night. So where does Kizzie decide to sleep? In Murphy’ bed!  Poor Murph tried to get in too, but then sighed and slept on … Continue reading

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The girl grew bone

12 week check up at the hospital today.  X Rays showed Kizzie has grown bone where she should and is now at the exact stage of recovery that she should be.  We have been discharged by the surgeons.  No off … Continue reading

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Another little wrap

Rohrspatz Wollmeise 100% pure wool ‘nautical miles’ I used 100gms from a 150gm hank so lots left to crochet the edges (once I learn how) I used my new blockers (knit pro via Amazon) for the first time. 

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One O’clock in the morning. WOOF Woof woofwoofwoofWOOFwoof  woof …….woof Someone got up to see what was getting Murphy excited. Two ducks waddling up the drive!  Someone put their glasses on, thinking they must be mistaken, expecting to see pigeons, … Continue reading

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Jagged edge wrap

  CAR = Carriage on right, CAL = Carriage on left HP = Holding position, WP = Working position K = Knit ***Cast on 87 Stitches with waste yarn starting at far left hand side of needle bed. Knit a … Continue reading

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Proud moment

I am quite proud of this, I only unpicked once. I would love to claim I spun or dyed the yarn, but I did neither. This was machine knit from one 100gm ball of ‘Opal, Blutenpracht, col 9113’ 75% wool, … Continue reading

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Brain fart

Halfway through plying two large bobbins I realised I had my wheel on the largest ratio!!! Duh. Huge sigh. Rude word. Had I switched to the smaller whorl, it would have been half the work. 400 metres of Shetland, 140 … Continue reading

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Kizzie ignores the tv. Murphy loves watching. His favourite programme is ‘Vet on the Hill’. I don’t know whether he has a crush on the Aussie vet, but he just sits watching with his toy in his mouth, possibly drooling. … Continue reading

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Post op

We took Kizzie to Cambridge today for her six week post op check up. She is doing ok but not healing as well as she should be 😦 We can organise hydrotherapy and she can have longer walks, but is … Continue reading

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