I have a plan for this soft and quite delicious yarn. Happy anniversary to me 

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Miss amazing

Kizzie is doing really well. She spends most of her time resting in her crate, but has brief visits outside and lots of cuddles. 

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X ray

Kizzie had x rays today and the diagnosis was confirmed. We are being referred to the Cambridge Vet hospital for surgery. First time ever, she refused food! It was fresh fish cooked by me too. Murphy said he would have it…

Kiz is very sleepy, cold and laying cuddling B. She has clearly worked out who the best nurse in the house is. 

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Tears and fears

Catastrophic injury to the cruciate ligament.

This dog will either bankrupt me or break my heart.

We were only 50 feet from home, I let Kizzie off her lead so she could play with a puppy on the green area outside our home. Kizzie ran after a ball, cried out, somersaulted and it was immediately obvious it was bad. She couldn’t put one paw to the ground. We were at the vets in minutes and he knew immediately what she had done.

Kizzie had an injection and will take anti inflamatories, on Wednesday she will be examined under anaesthetic to confirm. Then we will be referred to a specialist surgeon for the operation. It will be difficult, she is a big dog and I want to try to prevent arthritis.

Our vet was amazing. He discussed the cost, and said he wouldn’t waste our money on X-rays or scans, we will need it for the specialists bills.

The next three months will be a trial. Murphy has realised she can’t chase him, this morning he stole blankie and ran off with it upstairs. Sigh.


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A day out

Do you want to spend a day in Cambridge? We left home at 10.15, an hour later the A14 was closed due to an accident. We decided to detour to Huntingdon instead, a quick look at the internet gave us the address of a National Trust property (Houghton Mill) so we headed in that direction. So did every other reject from the A14! We sat, we moved one car length, we sat, we waited, we moved one car length. Eventually we reached the turning, hurray. We drove into a beautiful chocolate box pretty village. Thatched cottages, tea room, gallery and old fashioned village store. Arrived at our destination to find a CLOSED sign. The Mill is open on Wenesday, Saturday and Sunday! By now it was 1.30 and the call of nature was calling. The comfort facilities were locked.

We walked the 100 or so yards back to the village. The  tea shop CLOSED Monday and Tuesday. The gallery was CLOSED. the village store was – wait for it – CLOSED.  The pub had a menu board outside so we perked up and went for it. OPENS at five. Sigh.

We drove back the way we came and found a garden centre. We went in. Quick comfort break then to the restaurant. The vast menu was not available because there was no gas to cook with. Sigh. I had a blt. Without chips (sad face ) we wandered around the small shops and didn’t find anything to buy. 

By now it was 3.50 and we thought we had better head for Cambridge services, we were supposed to be collecting gg at five o clock. Do you know, there were no traffic problems and we landed at the services at around 4o clock. Cup of tea, cake, puzzle book kept us amused for 2 minutes then we people watched .

Ten past five our prize arrived. We took her precious junk from one car and put it in the other. And set off home.

We got to within 20 minutes of home. ROAD CLOSED.  So we drove the long way home. We were greeted by howls and joyous barks, whole body wagging from Kiz and Murphy almost took off, his helicopter tail wagged so fast.

A day to remember

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And now I have February-itus! Low oppressive grey sky is just so uninspiring. I have watched more tv over the last five weeks than I did the whole of last year. Even the hooligans are fed up.

I have made one bag, and fixed two sewing machine issues (and failed to fix the third). I spun one rolag! Where’s Spring when you need it

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I was given two bags of vanilla fudge at Christmas, decided to indulge and ate almost a whole bag. Sense stepped in and I left a few pieces for later. Took Kizzie out for her walk. Was surprised to find empty fudge packet on the floor when I got back. I picked it up and asked “who ate this’?  Murphy ran and hid in his bed!  Guilty. Further proof, if needed, was the aroma of vanilla wafting off him.

Next day we treated ourselves to a takeaway. Sat enjoying my chips when we heard a rather loud crunching noise coming from the kitchen. We looked at each other. I got up and ran into said kitchen. Kizzie was standing at the counter wolfing down prawn crackers! Guilty.

To be honest, I blame myself for both incidents, I know better than to leave anything vaguely edible where they might be able to reach it. 

Ben, C’s ancient greyhound has decided he no longer needs to wear a collar. He pulled his off and stamped on it!

Who exactly is in charge round here?

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Cold and other symptoms

I have a horrible cold, coughing and sore throats and being brave and all but, I hate colds. After a day or so, I realised that Kizzie wasn’t snuggling, rather she was laying on the floor close by.  Last week I thought she had over indulged and had belly ache but today she wasn’t interested in her walk, then threw up, cried out a couple of times. Off to the vet we go.

Pancreatitis was mentioned. Blood tests show nothing wrong, thank goodness. Slight raised temperature, slight dehydration, possible pulled muscle? She has pain killers and anti inflamatories, if she gets any worse, it will be x-rays and scans. We will see her vet in a weeks time.

We came home, she ate her dinner and curled up in her bed all evening (rare occurrence). She did manage to drink a mug of bottled mineral water!

Right now – she is laying on the bed chomping on a chew stick. 

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New year, new stuff

Starting the year as I hope to continue, by making stuff.  Two little bags with two little brooches for embellishment – made on New Years Day 2017. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with my sewing machine.

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Saturday morning, 3 AM

I was in the middle of a nice sleep. Blech… blech…Murphy! Not discerning, Murphy throws up wherever he happens to be, so there was a nice pile on the landing upstairs. I ran down the stairs and opened the front door. He followed at his own speed. So at 3.30 I was scrubbing the carpet at the top of the stairs, half way down the stairs and on the mat by the front door (in two places – it is a large Mat) the whole time B was snoring for England. I asked him nicely to turn over and shut up. He told me he “was asleep’ in a somewhat strange Birmingham accent, I calmly told him the whole blooming street know he is asleep!


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