WonderWoolWales Part one


we went.

It was so cold in our caravan that we spent Friday evening wrapped in blankets, wearing fleece pj’s, two pairs of socks, fingerless mittens and a hat. That was before the sun went down!

First thing Saturday morning we found a local electrical shop and bought two heaters. We were still at the event venue before opening time. We ran to the stand selling Louets and bought a tiny Victoria each. Then dropped them at the bag crèche. Julie had arranged to buy a blending board from a fellow ravelled, it was heavy, so back to the bag crèche via the stand selling copies of Ply Magazine.  We bought four each.  Next stop was John Arbon, ooh-er, I got five bags of rejects and 400gms of delicious wool tops. A cup of tea and a calm down was needed, and as we sat and looked at our huge bags of fluff, a decision was made to squash some of the air out of the bags.  Seeing Julie struggling to squash and reseal the bag before the air got back in, I recommended she sat on the bag. She did, amidst a certain amount of giggling. The Lady sat next to us tried very hard not to laugh but when a surprisingly large amount of air gushed from one particular bag, Jules yelled ‘YES’. The lady and I looked at each other just as Julie realised that she had said it out loud and for the next five minutes hysterical laughter resulting in tears rather overcame all three of us. This was just one bag and we had seven more to go!  Eventually the lady thanked us for a memorable experience, she actually said it was the best part of her trip. Which set us off again. We dropped the bags off at the crèche.

It would have been rude not to stop by Wingham Wools! So we did. Another trip to the bag crèche. We had lunch.

In the afternoon we slowed down a bit, but did manage to buy some Laxtons hanks of yarn to dye, acid dyes, some dyed locks that simply needed to come home with us. A quick walk past Collinette found one of us with another bag of yarn.  Not me btw.

By four o clock we were flagging so decided to go back to the caravan and get some rest. Of course we had to go to the crèche and collect our bags of fluff and stuff and the spinning wheels. Oops. A very nice organiser went to see if she could find a trolley to help get our stuff to the car park. A really really nice man came with a sack barrow and loaded the stuff, then he pushed it all the way to the car for us, chatting as he went. Thank you Graham.


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4 Responses to WonderWoolWales Part one

  1. yarngoddess says:

    Sounds like a thoroughly wonderful day all around. Need photos of the fluff from the flattened bags.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Julie Mackinder says:

    I don’t think I need to write my blogpost, you’ve got it covered here 🙂 We had a whale of a time though, didn’t we? Thanks for chauffering me. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue K. says:

    Other than the misery of being cold, it doesn’t sound as though it could have been any better!

    Liked by 1 person

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